GOING DEEPER – An Exploration of the Heart of the Three Principles. September 30th. – October 2th. 2022

A 3-day retreat on the beautiful island of Tjøme in Norway
With Dicken Bettinger and Natasha Swerdloff
Tjøme, September 30th. – October 2th. 2022

Together we will reflect on:
• Our true Self
• Our deepest spiritual core
• Our boundless capacity for love
• Awakening our senses so that we may enjoy our lives
• What it means to be guided effortlessly by wisdom through our ups and downs and through any challenges we face
• How we have everything we need to bring more peaceful, kindhearted presence into any relationship
• How shifts in our level of well-being create positive impacts on those close to us, on our environment, and on the global community.
• How love is always the answer to all of our problems.

Please Dicken and Natasha for this uplifting 3-day retreat!

This retreat will be relaxing and reflective so that you will have the opportunity to have your own insights that transform your life. The retreat will be engaging, and everyone will have an opportunity to participate.

Dicken and Natasha will share their freshest insights gained from studying the works of Sydney Banks, whose enlightenment experience revealed the Three Principles.

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Sep 30 2022 - Oct 02 2022


All Day