What are the Three Principles?

The Three Principles are the most fundamental forces that create our experiences moment-to-moment. Understanding these principles helps us realize the nature of our minds and how they work. It is a new way of understanding how our mind works. This way of explaining how the mind works come from a man called Sydney Banks.

The Principles that Sydney Banks described are: Thought, Consciousness and Mind.

The Principle of Thought is a power that creates everything that we experience.

The Principle of Consciousness is a power that brings our experiences to life.

The Principle of Mind is the source and intelligence behind all of life.

We are all being lived by the principles of Thought, Consciousness and Mind.

” Together, these three components are the golden threads from which all human experience is woven. No one can exist without them; they are the necessary components through which we acknowledge life. Without any of these three principles, life would not exist for any human being. They are the psychological trinity of all human functioning. ”